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Joshua Mauney on Building & Releasing Teams for Ministry

  Welcome back to the unSeminary podcast and thanks for spending your day with us. Today we’re chatting with Joshua Mauney, founding pastor of Turning Point Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Turning Point Church is a fantastic church whose mission is to be known for the restoration of the family. When you step through...

Discipleship Redefined: Keys to Sustainable & Healthy Church Growth

Today we're honored to have Steve Caton guest posting for us. Steve serves as a member of the Leadership Team at Church Community Builder and is passionate about helping churches make disciples. Having an incredible weekly worship experience is awesome. There is most definitely power in having the people of God gathering together to praise and celebrate....

Joel Schmidgall on Moving People to Active Faith

  Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for joining us today for the unSeminary podcast. We have a great guest today, Joel Schmidgall of National Community Church in Washington, DC. National Community Church was started in 1996 by Mark Batterson and is known as the Theater Church because it has several...

14 Reasons Why Pastors Avoid Preaching About Money

Today we’re honored to have John Finkelde guest posting for us. He pastored at C3 Church Hepburn Heights in Western Australia for 30 years and now provides church consulting and coaching with his wife, Dianne, to the larger body of Christ. The atmosphere was colder than an arctic winter. Palpable hostility was written all over some...
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