Thank you for being a part of the Ministry Momentum Summit! We want to hear from you about your experience with the Summit … can you take 2 minutes right now and record your own video?

4 Practical Tips for Making a Great Video

  • Please make sure you have a lot of light in the room you’re in … open the blinds, turn on all the lights … light is our friend and helps make it look great!
  • If you can … being plugged into an internet connection is better than wifi. If you’re on wifi – don’t worry – but a wired connection will be faster and more reliable.
  • If you have a microphone it will make you sound so much better … even just a set of “smart phone earbuds” will make you sound so much clearer. (Again … don’t sweat it if you don’t.)
  • Look into the lens … look directly into the video camera on your computer as much as possible!

Suggested “Starter Phrases” For the Video

  • I was challenged by the Summit to think differently about …
  • The best speaker during the Summit was … because this is how they helped me …
  • We’re already putting this into action at our church …
  • One thing I would have changed about the Summit was …

Relax … we’ll edit the video if it needs a little “tightening” up … remember we’re looking for “quick hits” … 1-2 minutes in length … thanks so much!