Thanks for being willing to participate in the Ministry Momentum Summit. In early 2016 we’re going to be talking with 1,000s of church leaders about how to gain and sustain momentum in their churches. We’d like you to provide a STORY or TACTIC from your church where you have experienced momentum in one of these areas:

  • “Invest & Invite Culture” // Creating a church where reaching out to friends is “the new normal”.
  • Financial Growth // Nurturing a generous church.
  • Volunteer Experience // Serving experiences that people love to contribute to.
  • Leadership Development // Building more and better leaders for the mission.
  • Regular Reviews // Fostering an environment where evaluation is welcomed and embraced.

4 Practical Tips for Making a Great Video

  • Please make sure you have a lot of light in the room you’re in … open the blinds, turn on all the lights … light is our friend and helps make it look great!
  • If you can … being plugged into an internet connection is better than wifi. If you’re on wifi – don’t worry – but a wired connection will be faster and more reliable.
  • If you have a microphone it will make you sound so much better … even just a set of “smart phone earbuds” will make you sound so much clearer. (Again … don’t sweat it if you don’t.)
  • Look into the lens … look directly into the video camera on your computer as much as possible!

Relax … we’ll edit the video if it needs a little “tightening” up … remember we’re looking for “quick hits” … 3-5 minutes in length … focus your content on practical insights or compelling stories to illustrate how you are gaining momentum in your church.

As you talk into the camera … imagine that you are talking directly to a Church Leader friend who has come to you for help!