.BIBLE is a Top Level Domain with a vision to be the trusted online source for all things Bible. The .BIBLE domain name is memorable, meaningful, and shorter to help people, organizations and communities come together online to engage with Scripture and share Bible-related content.

You can win the use of .BIBLE domain for two years … just for telling us how you’re going to use it!

Rather than using another top-level domain (.com, .org or .net) your church or ministry should consider using .BIBLE for your core domain name or a special project.

You can win two years of use of a .BIBLE domain … a value of up to $5,000! … for FREE to one entry who expresses a creative way to use the .BIBLE. The winner will be determined by the contest judges who will evaluate all qualified entries with creative ideas for using a .BIBLE domain name

Examples of other ministries using the .BIBLE domain today:

  • insta.bible // Helps you share the Bible visually.
  • lookinside.bible // A website for the curious and thoughtful, looking for insight into this great big mystery called life. Created by a diverse group who believes that, when engaged thoughtfully, the Bible can be one of the most exciting, surprising, and life-giving books in the world.
  • webtools.bible // All of our Bible tools offer the easiest way for you to encourage your site visitors and users to read the Bible.
  • redemption.bible // Redemption Bible Church is a new church located in New Braunfels, Texas.

.BIBLE Domain Challenge Details
Judging Criteria
Entries are submitted by participating in the contest as a Bible-related project and completing the entry form. All entries must meet qualifying requirements of: healthy respect for the Bible, positive promotion of the Bible, and follows New Testament principles. Qualified entries will be judged on the following criteria, as listed in the official rules.

  • Engagement (40%) – how does it increases Bible engagement (desirability for repeated usage)
  • Creativity (30%) – innovative design and usability
  • Shareability (20%) – how much does the experience compel sharing it?
  • Viability (10%) – capacity to operate and be sustainable


  • DJ Chuang, .BIBLE registry manager
  • Scott Wennermark, Director of Strategic Advancement, American Bible Society
  • Rich Birch, unSeminary.

Contest Entries Taken from November 1st – 30th, 2017 // Enter Today!

The winner will be announced by email on December 1st and will receive coaching from unSeminary’s Rich Birch to bring your idea to life!