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Helping Female Leaders in Your Church Find Their Leadership Voice with Kadi Cole

Welcome back to the unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Kadi Cole, the founder of Kadi Cole & Company, an organization created to help leaders of all organizations. Kadi is with us today to talk about encouraging female leaders at your church while removing barriers from leadership opportunities. Find the drop...

5 Mistakes Churches Make Onboarding New Staff

Hiring is the single most expensive decision that most church leaders will make over the course of their ministry. In many churches, staffing accounts for anywhere between 30 percent and 50 percent of the annual budget. You want to make sure that, as you hire new team members, you invest...

Starting Strong in a Church Job with Charles Stone

Thanks for joining us for this week’s unSeminary podcast. Today we’re talking with Charles Stone, pastor at the very multicultural WestPark Church in London, Ontario, Canada. In seminary they don't teach pastors what to do when starting at a new church, but there's much more to the job than preaching...

10 Leadership Lessons from Google for Your Church

Google is by far one of the most prevailing organizations of all time. Beyond their amazing technological insights and excellent execution, Google is a leadership engine. Google has more than 85,000 employees. Stop and think about the sheer size of that operation. Last year alone they added over 5,000 new...
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