Liquid is made up of a bunch of people doing things that no-one sees so when our guests show up they can focus on Jesus.

Excellence in the workshop means authenticity in the showroom.

Here are some examples where I saw that in action today.


Like how our “on stage teams” run through tech rehearsals to make sure everything runs smoothly …


Or how so many of our team leaders put relationships first and take time to sit and listen to how God is at work in our volunteers lives …


I love how our leaders are constantly taking time to figure out new systems to make things run more smoothly. Like signs to help kids more from one activity to the next!


Every week our Roadies (fearless roadies!) make sure that signage is out … so our guests can be reassured that they are in the right place.


This is Ethan. It’s his second time playing at Liquid. He’s a young man who’s really good at guitar. Chris Dickson spent a bunch of time to bring him up to speed and make sure he was ready for the big time. Ethan represents the future of Liquid. The more “Ethans” we can give our ministry to … the more people we will reach.


… and finally … our guests who keep inviting their friends and family to come to Liquid.  This is a key part of what is happening these days and we never see it.  People taking the risk to be a part of what God is doing here.

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