The intern opportunity I wished I had . . .

Ten years ago I was on staff at The Meeting House in Toronto and we were embarking on launching our “second” campus.  We had the crazy idea of not launching one location but we were thinking about launching one new “regional site” a year for the following five years.  Crazy vision.  How could that ever happen?

The Meeting House now has thirteen campuses and is eyeing more of them.  I was privileged to be a part of seeing that ball starting to roll.  One of the critical things that helped me and our team at The Meeting House in those early days was a week I spent with Jim Tomberlin and his team when he was on staff at Willow Creek Community Church.  It was an eye opening experience in so many ways.  There are things that I learned that week that I still think about all the time when it comes to launching new campuses.

Jim and I have become friends and I now help him coach churches in their multisite journeys through his firm Multisite Solutions.   I’m honored to be associated with him.  I’ve often wondered how I could “pay it forward” . . . how I could give back for this critical development in my own life and the ministries that I’ve led.

I think I might have found a way to spur similar growth in an up and coming leader.

Earlier this week we talked about “The Mountainside Miracle” happening at Liquid Church.  I want to leverage the amazing thing happening in our community and bring another leader alongside our team for a 100 day internship.  I would have given my right arm for this experience 10 years.  I’m jealous that someone is going to get this development opportunity.  😉  I’m excited to see what it could do for you or someone you know.

The internship would go from mid-July to mid-October. The intern successfully chosen for this would get a front row seat to experience:

  • House Meetings // Watch us work with our core community to cast vision and enlist them to come to the new campus.
  • Facility Upgrade // Jump in and participate as we prepare the facility to house our new campus.
  • Launch Promotion // Get a chance to work on with our promotional efforts to engage the new community we’re moving into. 
  • Volunteer Training // Help us train the 2/3rds of the new volunteers team who have never served with us before.
  • Soft Launch // Be there for our “dress rehearsal Sundays” before we go public . . . watch the momentum build.
  • Grand Opening // See first hand what happens on opening day!
  • New Staff // We’ll provide you with the same “new staff orientation” that we provide for all staff at Liquid. Includes reading, coaching and mentoring.
  • NYC // All of this in the shadow of the Capital City of World in the Summer and Early Fall . . . nothing like watching the colors change in Central Park!

We can only take on one person for this. We won’t charge anything for this experience. I can probably find a collection of spare rooms for you stay in over the time. You’ll need a car to be able to get yourself around. Don’t let the logistics hold you back.

Know someone who might be interested? [Have them fill out this interest form today.]  I want to be interviewing people next week . . . so don’t delay.  Mid-July is coming up really quickly and we want to get this opportunity lined up for someone! 

I’m so pumped to be in on the ground floor of another move of God . . . and I want to share that with others!  Who can you encourage to be a part of this internship? Can you take 2 minutes now and share this post with them?  [Email me if you want to help fund this internship or have something to add to this experience to make it even better!]


  1. No . . . but you can come back to NJ and spend a few days with the intern and our team talking about fundraising . . . 😉 whadda say?

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