Home Meetings are Critical to Your Multisite Launch.

At some point during the launch of your next multisite campus you need to get people into a room and ask them to join the team of people looking to help launch out the campus.  What’s the best way to do that ask?  Sunday morning? A mass rally with all the new people? Just wait until launch weekend? One on one meetings? Direct mail? Smoke signals?

I am convinced that the best way to do this is in asking your people to attend of a series of “home meetings” in the communities surrounding the new campus.  These events allow people to meet the new campus leadership team, learn about how they can get involved, have their questions answered and to hopefully have some fun along the way!

We just finished a round of these meetings at Liquid Church for the launch of our next campus.  This week I’m going to be talking about some of the things that I’ve learned over the years of hosting these sorts of events.  Here is a peak at an infographic we shared with our staff team today to give them a sense of the “results” of this latest round.  (We call them “House Parties” at Liquid . . . it’s gotta be fun! Right?)

Some quick anaylsis of what these numbers mean for us:

  • In my experience somewhere around 90% of people who attend meetings like will end up serving at the new campus. We’re very please that out of these events we should end up at about 180 volunteers!  We’ve been praying for 225 but we are well on our way towards that goal!
  • A benchmark I’ve talked about a bunch has been that in a new campus 2/3rds of the volunteers should be new volunteers.  This is a good balance of “people with experience” and “new team members” to shoot for.  Excited to see that this trend appears to be holding firm at this point for our next campus.
  • Morristown is our “original” campus at Liquid.  This will be the first campus that will not primarily draw on that location. It’s fun to see a “grandchild” campus sproating up at Liquid!
Have you used a home meetings strategy for the launch of your campuses?  What have you learned through this process? [I’d love to hear your thoughts!]

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  1. Great post. I’m in the process of developing small groups in advance of our 3rd site launch. The connections we’ve developed since we’ve launched our first group have been solid. This Fall I’d like us to multiply, and then add another altogether new group as well.

    Thanks for the encouragement about using the home setting as the platform for communication. It’s a great idea.

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