Better Healthcare Solutions for Your Team While Saving Thousands on the Budget

Are you looking for innovative solutions to providing better health care for your team at your church?

Does your church need to save money on their healthcare solution for their team?

As a leader, you want to provide affordable and trustworthy healthcare options, but the problem is that health insurance is more expensive than ever and doesn’t usually address the individual needs of your team. 

We recently hosted a webinar with the folks from Medi-Share and Remodel Health on how they are helping church leaders, just like you, offer the best health care solution to their employees that save them money AND their organization thousands of dollars. 

In this 58-minute educational webinar, I join Chief of Sales & Marketing officer of Medi-Share, Marq James, and Remodel Health’s Brand Development Manager, John Staub, to learn more about Medi-Share: A healthcare sharing community that strives to model the early church of Acts.

The name of the game in this webinar is to provide actionable information and innovative solutions to organizations wanting to provide better healthcare solutions and save thousands of dollars at the same time!

Webinar Agenda:

1. Brief Overview 

2. Medi-Share Re-Introduction

3. Biggest Reasons Some Groups Haven’t Changed Yet

4. Introduction to Remodel Health

5. HAS/HRA with Sharing?

6. Questions 

To set us off, we get to grips with where we are today when it comes to healthcare plans. Gone are the days where group plans work; these are fading away, in the same way pension plans have because they just don’t work well for individuals. 

Medi-Share offers more progressive ‘managed individual’ packages, where organizations offer a budget and help get their people onto individual plans. This works extremely well for individuals because one size never fits all, and so each employee’s needs are looked at and catered for. What I found truly remarkable is that if you have someone with an acute need in your organization, you can make sure that your benefits help that one person but also cater for everyone else. The managed individual approach ensures that each team member is seen and catered for, thus providing a unique healthcare and community experience with fellow believers. 

One of the reasons Medi-Share has adopted the managed individual approach is because it fits their core goal of emulating the early church in Acts. Their vision is to transform society through the Biblical model of sharing, and they strive to connect people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility. 

But How Do They Achieve This?

Well, Medi-Share claims that with them, you can have your cake, and eat it too. This means that they provide high-quality health benefits, save money for your organization, and align with your faith and calling – three components that are hard to find with any other healthcare insurance company.

With over 700 employees serving over 400,000 members, Medi-Share is certainly making a mark on society and their calculations show that through their well-priced packages, they have regained and repurposed over $400M for the kingdom. 

Marq also discusses Medi-Share’s prayer support system, which I found extraordinary. This is not a service you’ll easily come across in the healthcare sector, but Medi-Share commits to 80k hours of prayer with their members and care providers, annually. John shares his personal experience in receiving prayer support from Medi-Share, which was in the form of a representative calling him up and asking what he needed prayer for. Unbeknown to the caller, John was having a particularly difficult day, which made this ministry even more significant. How amazing is this?

While faith is at the center of Medi-Share, they also provide uniquely impressive health insurance standards, of which Marq focuses on four of in the webinar.

Direct Bill Management: Medi-Share directly manages medical bills on your behalf. (No checks to mail to/receive from other members).

Quick Share: 90% of bills are shared within 30 days. 60% of bills are paid in three days!

98% Customer Satisfaction Rate: Member loyalty score (NPS) is twice the national industry average. This is astonishing! My experience with many health care organizations is that they are a pain to deal with. This alone is a reason to consider Medi-Share

Aligned With Your Values: Our members share medical expenses that support and honor biblical values.

There were a lot more points in the slides, but these were the four expanded on because they set Medi-Share apart from other insurance companies.

Medi-Share’s Unique Healthcare Experience

I learnt that Medi-Share draws members away from the purely transactional nature of health care and cultivates a unique community through their email communication and mobile app. Unlike other insurance providers, Medi-Share directly tracks where your monthly share dollars go and tells you about it! So, as a member of Medi-Share, I am not in a purely transactional relationship with my health benefits, but rather, part of a community of believers sharing each other’s faith and wellbeing journeys.

Naturally, some hesitate to move over to new healthcare options, and so John and Marq expand on three of the primary reasons for people to stay where they are and not make the move.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Everyone qualifies for Medi-Share, even with pre-existing conditions. Your details will be evaluated and there may be a waiting period where any costs associated with the pre-existing condition are the member’s responsibility. Don’t let the worry of pre-existing conditions hold you back from considering this solution for your team!


For routine medical visits, Medi-Share can bring this cover in for interested organizations. However, the most common practice they see is that organizations take a portion of the huge savings they receive by being with Medi-Share, pair them with the discount partnerships Medi-Share members get with healthcare providers and pay for routine medical visits for their employees. 


 Medi-Share doesn’t profess to be a perfect fit for every person, but they are able to serve a lot of people and help the majority of interested parties. What is crucial to note is that their partnership with Remodel Health brings even more options to the table, thus enabling them to meet more people where they are at. It’s so refreshing to find an organization that doesn’t claim to be a perfect solution for everyone. This makes me want to lean in and learn more.

Toward the end of the webinar, I join John and Marq onscreen and feed them questions that come in from those who joined us live. The questions answered are:

  • Is it better for individuals to approach Medi-Share or should it be through an organization or group?
  • How many churches/organizations are with Medi-Share? Are there any churches I can talk to about their experience with Medi-Share?
  • Do you do information sessions for groups wanting to transition to Medi-Share?

I highly recommend you carve out some time to watch this webinar and learn more about how your team members can benefit from Medi-Share’s offers. It is truly remarkable how they can provide premium healthcare while keeping Christ at the center and ministering to their members. 

Take Your Next Step with Medi-Share

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