Communications Q&A // Multisite Alignment, Facebook for Churches, Preparing for Growth & Multichannel Communications

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    On today's episode of the unSeminary Podcast we're taking questions from listeners about Church Communications. We cover a wide variety of topics that I hope will help your ministry. Are you wondering how to keep your growing and complex ministry aligned? Thinking about upping your...

Ben Reed on building a thriving small group ministry.

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    On today's episode we talk with the Small Groups Pastor from Long Hollow Baptist Church, Ben Reed. The conversation covers a wide variety of topics around getting people connected to groups, training leaders and ensuring that groups stay healthy and strong. This episode is full...

Jason Curlee on How Campus Pastors Gain Influence

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    The multisite church movement continues to gain momentum around the world. Core to this strategy is an entirely new group of church leaders called "Campus Pastors" and they are vitally important to a healthy multisite strategy. On today's show we explore this important role and...

Greg Atkinson on 4 Keys to Creating an Irresistible Church

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    On today's podcast we have church consultant, author and pastor Greg Atkinson. We're talking about four areas that every church should work on to become more irresistible in the coming year. This episode is overflowing with helpful thoughts on how to make your church the...

Frank Bealer on Ensuring Alignment in Multisite Churches

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    Only 15% of multisite churches make it beyond 3 campuses ... Elevation Church has 9 locations! Today's podcast is with Frank Bealer, the Family Ministry pastor from Elevation Church. He provides some proven mindsets, tactics and approaches for developing a cohesive ministry across many locations....

Kristy Rutter on Making Church Mergers Work

Subscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: //    Kristy works with New Campus Development for The Chapel, a multisite church in greater Chicago area. Since joining The Chapel in 2009 she has helped them grow from four to eight campuses mostly through mergers. Today's episode is full of insights from her on how...
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