COVID-19 Roundtable: Lessons from a Church Plant & a Megachurch

We're happy to bring you a special roundtable discussion around how COVID-19 is impacting churches across the country. In this episode, you'll hear from two church leaders on the front lines of responding to the current crisis. In this roundtable conversation you'll hear more about: The thought process behind how...

5 Signs You’re Following A Narcissistic Church Leader

Narcissism is an intense focus on one’s self and typically involves selfishness, entitlement, a constant desire and need for admiration, and a demonstrated lack of empathy. In short, narcissists maintain a me-over-the-rest-of-the-world mindset.  Sometimes those who lead deteriorate into narcissistic tendencies, but the nature of leadership positions often draws those...

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Church Leaders

Have you been listening to the buzz about artificial intelligence in the broader culture?  Artificial intelligence used to seem like one of those distant technologies that is always five years down the road; however, it is already creeping into our daily lives. Whether it's asking Siri to text your wife...
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