Pandemic to Endemic: Five Questions Your Church May Still Need to Answer About COVID-19

The cultural and economic impact of COVID-19 is one of the greatest influences on the local church in at least a generation. Over the last year, we've seen COVID-19 impact our ministries in innumerable ways. In some respects, COVID-19 has accelerated positive change in the local church. The shift to...

12 Ways To Create An Awesome Easter Online Experience

Are you heading into reopening your church for in-person services but aren’t sure where to start? Are you worried about the complex communication required to connect with your people in this season? Today’s blog post is by Ben Stapley. Ben serves on the Executive Team at Christ Fellowship as the...

MrBeast Burger: What Is It? What It Can Teach Your Church!

If you're not familiar with YouTube culture, you might not have heard of MrBeast. Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast) is the top content creator on the platform for 2020, and he's super engaging. Over the years, he's produced some amazingly creative content that has earned him over 51 million subscribers and...

Becoming A Multicultural Church with Dave Swaim

Welcome to this week’s unSeminary podcast. Today we’re talking with Dave Swaim, pastor at Highrock Covenant Church and president of the Highrock Network in the Boston area. The Highrock Network is a family of churches with a shared vision for locally focused congregations. Highrock Covenant Church began when a group...

5 Negative Church-Leader Mindsets About Funding

Do you lie awake and ponder how your church will meet its budget for this coming year? Are you wondering how to increase the generosity culture at your church? Is there a gap between the vision for which you believe God has called, and the funding your church currently is...
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