Transitioning a Church to Be More Outwardly Focused with Jack Warren

Welcome to this week’s unSeminary podcast. We have a great conversation today with Jack Warren, the executive pastor at Chase Oaks Church in the Dallas area. Chase Oaks has five campuses, including one with only Hispanic services. The church started traditionally and as it grew it became known as a...

7 Signs Church Leaders Are Just Busy, Not Effective

As one season rolls into the next, it's a natural time for us to step back and evaluate whether we are being as effective as possible in our churches. As I think about my own performance over the years and consider how I serve my communities, I'm always drawn back...

5 Ways Analysis Paralysis Might Be Killing Your Church

Are you spending too much time making decisions? Are you and your leaders digging deeper into the reasons why you should or should not do something without actually making a decision? Analysis paralysis is what happens to leaders when we spend too much time thinking and not enough time acting....

5 Church Leaders You Should Follow in the Post-Hybels Era

It’s hard to believe it but it’s true. We live in a post-Bill Hybels era. Over the last few months, watching from the sidelines has been heart wrenching to say the least. The resignation of the entire elder’s board, Heather Larson and Steve Carter this week does seem like the...
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