Know what you know now . . . first campus?

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I asked a number of multisite churches across the country what they would do different if they where launching their first campus again.  Some great wisdom here from multisite church leaders in the field today!

“I would have cast the vision better in two ways. First, it’s critical to let your people know how going MS is going to fundamentally change the church, and how each and every ministry will be asked to sacrifice to make it happen. Second, cast a clear and concise vision as to why were doing this, and how the sacrifices they’re being asked to make will effect the lives of the people in that city, so that every leader in your church feels invested.” – John Atkinson // Bay Area Fellowship

The most important thing is preparation. Have as much in place as possible. Where is the financing coming from, and how much is needed for each area. How will you handle financing? Are you setup to control accounting from central location or will you be tracking from multiple sites and payment sources?” – Rod Sims // CrossPoint

Prayed more. Prepared more. Had more confidence that it would work and actually be an incredible win. Strengthened the staff teams providing core services.” – Kevin White // Hope Community Church

“Have better communication with the serving team leaders at our original campus. Give the vision to these leaders that they now oversee their ministry at the new campus and at any upcoming campuses. Help them with scheduling meetings to train and encourage the leaders at the new campus.” – Karla Weemhoff // Faith Church

“Have a better understanding of the structure and make that known. For example: either a vertical or horizontal leadership structure. Where are the direct lines and where are the dashed lines so people know who to report to. Sounds easy – but when you take each ministry and make sure it is done correctly you may see that it is not.” – Daniel McCabe // Legacy

“Don’t try to have everything “perfect” before you launch. You will learn sooo much about yourself as a leader and what mulitsite church looks like. Also people are willing to go with you if you are “smoking what your selling” even if the quality is a little bit less than the sending campus/church. Also make sure that you don’t over staff for the size of your congregation.” – Peyton Hughes // The MET

Start with a full time pastor dedicated to that campus. (We began with a staff member in a split role of Student Pastor and Campus Pastor.)” – Dan Reiland // 12Stone

“I would spend more time training and getting the launch team ready. We were focused on logistics and should have spent more time preparing the people who would be the leaders/workers.” – David Colp // First Church of God

“Developed the infrastructure at the “central” campus for support.” – Willy Maxwell // Cross Point Community Church

What about you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you would do different . . . knowing what you know now . . . if you were to launch your first church again. [Tell us what you would do different!]

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