Last 100 Days Before Your Multisite Launch . . . What should you do?

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There are over 1,000,000 people in America who this weekend will attend church at a “multisite campus” . . . over 3,500 churches have launched at least one other campus.  I talked with a number of the leading churches across the country and asked them what advice they would have for other churches as they were in the last 100 days before launch the launch of their next campus.  The result was lots of great wisdom for church leaders to chew on!

“Staff up! If God is leading you to launch a new campus it’s because He has big plans. Be ready for it. Your staff needs to be in place. Campus Pastor, worship leader, administrator, and children’s pastor need to be meeting and on the same page leading into the launch date. Not all positions need to be paid but they do need to be high capacity leaders. Build a core of people who are excited to be a part of something new and are willing to invest time into building this campus from the ground up. Don’t advertise a grand opening until you are ready to put your best in front of people.” – Ben Booth // Friendship World Outreach

“Have more monthly preview services (3 or 4) and have ‘interest meetings’ to gather a core of volunteers prior to launch.” – Wes Stecker // Lake Pointe Church

You’re looking for leaders. Some of the people that will join you so enthusiastically and will seem like great leaders are people that left their last church angry when they weren’t allowed to manipulate and control and push their own agenda.  Be careful. A tree is known by it’s fruit, so watch carefully for leaders that are truly humble servants. On the other hand, don’t be paranoid and remember that our job IS to raise up leaders (Eph 4:11-15)” – David Macer // Shepherd of the Hills

“Think carefully through how you’re going to operate a new campus long term. In the beginning everyone just jumps in to help, but ultimately you have to create a system to manage the campus because the success of a campus can’t come at the expense of the original campus.” – John Atkinson // Bay Area Fellowship

Pray.” – Bob King // Ada Bible Church

“Communicate, over communicate and then communicate again. Plan, get the right people in place, and then review your plans.” – David Fletcher // The Chapel

We’d love to hear from you!  What have you found that is mission critical to keep in front of you during those last critical 100 days before the launch of your next campus?  [Join the conversation now!]

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