Orange 2012 // CONVERSATIONS: Implementing Family Ministry in Multiple Locations

In a few weeks I’m speaking at the Orange Conference.  This week I’m talking about the workshops I have the honor of leading.  If you aren’t registered . . . or just want more information click here!

If you’re a multi-site church with two campuses or twenty-two campuses, then you know the challenge of trying to keep lots of people on the same page. Then throw in the added dimension of keeping multiple age-group ministries focused on the same goal across many locations – and you’re probably looking at a mess. Good news – it doesn’t have to be that way. Join me in this small setting limited to 30 leaders to dialogue about this great topic!

The good people at Orange are trying a new “conversations” track at this year’s conference.  The big idea here is to create a less formal space where smaller groups can interact on certain topics.  Rather than having a few hundred people in the room like the workshops . . .these events are limited to just 30. I’m excited for the chance to go deep with some multisite churches and talk about Family Ministry across multiple campuses!

In the spirit of these conversations . . . I’m wondering if you could help me?  There are two different “forms” that I’m wondering if you could fill out if you are a multisite church . . . or if you are wondering about multisite family ministry.

Here is the details of the time and location of this conversation:

Breakout D // Room 16
Thursday, April 26th
5:30pm – 6:30pm

I’m looking forward to this third workshop at Orange because we’ll get a chance to go deep into the issues facing multisite churches and come out with some answers that they can implement right away!

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