Orange 2012 // Not Quite Orange Yet.

In a few weeks I’m speaking at the Orange Conference.  This week I’m talking about the workshops I have the honor of leading.  If you aren’t registered . . . or just want more information click here!

In this workshop we’re going to dive deep into lessons learned on navigating changing an existing church to one that truly partners with parents. How do get your senior leadership engaged with the issues? What are some practical tactics to gaining momentum towards “being Orange?”

If you’re looking for a church that has it all figured out . . . this workshop isn’t for you.  We are still in the process of transitioning Liquid Church into being “more Orange”.  During this conversation we’re going to cover:

  • Common Roadblocks // We’ll be looking at some common issues that get in the way of transitioning your church.
  • Change Strategy & Tactics // We’re going to focus on tactics you can start employing when you get home to start transitioning your church to partner more with parents.
  • Future Friendly // We’re also going to be looking at some aspects of our Family Ministry that are on the horizon and talk through what we’re doing to move towards those changes.  This examination will give you an insiders look at organizational change in process!
  • Q & A // At the end of the workshop we’ll throw it open for questions about stuff I said or left unsaid!  Come ready to engage!

I hope you join us for this conversation.  I’m pumped because our Family Ministry leader at Liquid – Hyo Sil Siegel – will be joining me in this session.  She is a superstar.  Her insights will be worth the price of admission!

Breakout B // Room 6
Thursday, April 26th
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Bonus // As a thank you for attending Orange,  I’m also pulling together a digital resource pack to help leaders walk away from the workshop with tools they can put into action right away. Included in this resource pack will be:

  • Main Stage Message Pack // Everything you need to give to your Lead Pastor to pull off a “Power of Orange” message.  Script, graphics, even the place to order the gumballs!  😉
  • Small Group Refocus Kit // “Ready to use” materials to help communicate with your parents and leaders the value of partnering together with your small groups leaders.
  • 6 Weekly Email Samples // These email starters will provide jumping off points for you as you start to communicate to parents and leaders.

If you or someone you know is attending Orange . . . I’d be honored to have you at this workshop!  

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