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Skills You Need to Move from Pandemic to Progress with Brian Dodd

Thank you for tuning in to this week's unSeminary podcast. We have Brian Dodd back with us. He's the Director of New Ministry Relationships at Injoy Stewardship Solutions, as well as blogging at Brian Dodd on Leadership and the author of several books. Brian is talking with us about the...

Helpful Insights for Church Leaders with Brian Dodd

Thanks for joining in for the unSeminary podcast. This time we’re talking with Brian Dodd, the Director of New Ministry Partnerships at Injoy Stewardship Solutions. He also runs a blog called Brian Dodd on Leadership which provides perspective, encouragement, and solutions for church and ministry leaders. When you look at...

Brian Dodd on Leadership, Pastors Blogging & More

Welcome back, friends, for a unique conversation today with Brian Dodd, author at the Brian Dodd on Leadership blog and Director of New Ministry Partnerships at INJOY Leadership Solutions. Brian is with us today to talk about leadership and leader development and how he used his research of both to...