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6 Organizational and Operational Lessons Peloton Can Teach Your Church

As the country pivots out of COVID-19, it would be wise for us to look around and notice some organizations that are thriving in this season. While some have struggled, others have thrown off the shackles of COVID-19 and the financial calamities that accompanied it. Several organizations are accelerating their...

Season of Hope: Your Church’s Fall 2021 Growth Opportunity

The coming months hold an unprecedented opportunity to see your church impact more people than ever before. As the country begins to shake off the shackles of COVID-19 and the ensuing economic calamity, we're seeing new windows of opportunity. We must leverage this season for the message of Jesus. We...

Insights After Six Months Of Being Reopened

Today’s article is by Ben Stapley. Ben serves on the Executive Team at Christ Fellowship as the Weekend Experience Director overseeing the production, worship, creative, communication, online and guest service departments. Ben shares how the past six months of being reopened gave Christ Fellowship seven insights into where their church...

The Reason Your Church Marketing Isn’t Working

Are you wondering why those Facebook ads that you've been running for the last few months don't seem to be translating into people connecting, neither in person nor online? Have you tried multiple flyer drops in your neighborhood and you're desperately hoping that maybe one person would show up, but...
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