Elevating Your Church’s Funding to New Heights with Phil Ling

Thanks for tuning in to the unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with generosity expert Phil Ling today. He offers strategic and energetic leadership to The Giving Church consulting team, helping churches fuel their ministries. The largest transfer of wealth in the world is going on right now. With four generations alive...

Shifting Generosity: Understanding the Warning Signs

We’re honored to have Phil Ling guest posting for us today. He is the founder of The Giving Church, helping churches leverage vision to grow cultures of generosity. When the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra unleashed the cataclysmic tsunami on December 26, 2004, it propelled a storm...

5 Negative Church-Leader Mindsets About Funding

Do you lie awake and ponder how your church will meet its budget for this coming year? Are you wondering how to increase the generosity culture at your church? Is there a gap between the vision for which you believe God has called, and the funding your church currently is...

5 Forgotten Ingredients in Your Church’s Giving Moments

The two minutes before you ask people to give to your church during your services are vitally important financially, both for the future of your church and for your people. Giving moments are an important part of your church's system for increasing generosity and pushing the mission of your church...
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