Aligning Mission & Organization to Achieve Creative Outcomes with Heath Bottomly

Thanks for joining the unSeminary podcast. We are talking with Heath Bottomly, the Lead Pastor of Creative Teams at Pure Heart Church in Arizona. Does your church's organizational structure match the vision that you believe you have been called to? Listen in as Heath shares how to get clarity about...

Rebuilding a Team Culture That Was Broken with Jesse DeYoung

Thanks for tuning into the unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Jesse DeYoung, the executive lead pastor at Flatirons Community Church in Boulder, Colorado. Jesse is talking with us today about how Flatirons Church worked through a difficult season of ministry, addressed their broken team culture, and witnessed God's redemption among...

5 Mistakes Churches Make Onboarding New Staff

Hiring is the single most expensive decision that most church leaders will make over the course of their ministry. In many churches, staffing accounts for anywhere between 30 percent and 50 percent of the annual budget. You want to make sure that, as you hire new team members, you invest...
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