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A Template for Discussion in a One on One Meeting

This week we are getting into the nitty gritty of some specific meetings that I host every week with my team at Liquid Church. I’d love to hear what you do in these areas at you church so we can learn from each other!

“Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall.” – Stephen R. Covey

One of the best moves I ever made in my leadership of my team is taking the time to meet with my people individually. (I know . . . I told you there wasn’t going to be a lot of rocket science this week!)

Every four weeks I spend about an hour with each person . . . my goal isn’t to “assign” or “delegate” anything to them . . . but to get a pulse on where they are at and what I can do to help them.

I basically want to make sure that I cover four major areas with every team member, each time we meet.  I need to give credit to Lee Cockerell for the foundation of this framework . . . I basically modified his approach to suit my context and approach. [If you don’t Lee and his stuff . . . you should.  Follow this link to learn more.]

  • People // How are their teams doing? Any concerns that seem to be cropping up? Where are at with volunteer engagement? What is their perspective on our team’s interpersonal dynamics?
  • Projects // What’s coming up that I need to provide support for? Are they feeling overwhelmed in any area?  What can I provide insight on?
  • Process // How is the weekly flow of their work going? What are the points of friction in the system we need to take action on?
  • Tools // (I know … doesn’t start with a P!) What resources do they need me to go to bat for to help make their life better at Liquid?
  • Pastoral // How is their soul? What can I be praying for them for?

As you can imagine . . . the trick is to find stuff that I can pick up and action on.  I go into these meetings trying to find what I can help my team with.  The beauty of doing these meetings with each person every four weeks . . . is that it puts the pressure on me to deliver before the next time we meet. (Believe me . . . I have had some stuff slide from one meeting to the next . . . that doesn’t feel good!)

What about you?  Do you follow a framework when you meet with your team?  I’d love to hear about it! [Leave your thoughts on your framework now!]

Join us next week as we look at three “easy to implement” strategies for growing your church’s Facebook presence and engagement.

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