3 Spiritual Gift Assessment Tools for Your Church

Recently in the unSeminary Premium private Facebook group, there was a discussion about the best Spiritual Gift Assessment tools for church use. When people serve within their area of gifting rather than just in your area of need, they experience more freedom and joy. Thriving churches focus on releasing people in their area of gifting!

Here are three inventories that help people understand their God-given spiritual gifts:

  • // Cost: Free or $99 // This is a simple and straightforward 98-question test. It has people respond on a scale of 1 to 5 whether they agree or disagree that the statements apply to them. There are also free videos available on the site that discuss spiritual gifts. The paid option gives you the opportunity to integrate the test with your church’s website. One great feature of this site is that it provides both “adult” and “youth” versions of the Spiritual Gifts Inventory.
  • ARC Spiritual Gifts & DISC Profile// Cost: Free // The Association of Related Churches offers a free spiritual gifts inventory that asks 92 questions and also provides a DISC personality assessment. Once you start the test, it asks users to rate statements about themselves. The DISC assessment included with this test provides a great conversation starter, because people can reflect on how their personalities impact how they use the spiritual gifts that God has given them.
  • PeopleKeys Spiritual Gifts & DISC Assessment // Cost: $15 // PeopleKeys provides a wide variety of personality and aptitude testing. Their version of the spiritual gifts test also includes a DISC assessment. The advantage of this tool is that you can set up a license as a church. After someone completes the test, a report is emailed to both the church and the test taker. We use this tool with new leaders in our church as well as in our hiring process. It’s simple to use and the report is very robust!

9 Ways to Use Spiritual Gift Tests in Your Church:

  • Include them as part of the onboarding process for volunteers.
  • Email them to everyone when you teach on spiritual gifts in your main service.
  • During a retreat, have students do the tests on their phones and then talk about it.
  • Encourage small groups to bring their laptops, do the test together, and then discuss it.
  • Integrate them into a staff training event.
  • Offer them on your website as a “free tool” in exchange for people’s email addresses to build your list.
  • Send them to everyone currently volunteering in your church. Ask them if where they are serving matches their gifts.
  • Post a link on Facebook to one of the free tests. Encourage people to take the test and share the results on that post.
  • Use them in your pre-marriage counseling, so people can talk through their differences and how they may serve together within the church.


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