5 Easy Ways to Create Visual Social Media Content for Your Church

Visual content is critical for driving engagement on your church’s social media channels. The goal of posting on social networks is to get people commenting, liking and sharing … and people love visual content! In fact, Facebook’s EdgeRank system that decides what content ends up being viewed by people favors images and videos. If you want people to interact with your church on Social Media you need to be generating visual content. Here are some simple and quick ways to generate visual content that people will love!

  • meme_postUse Your Smart Phone // Take that phone of your pocket and use it! Keep an eye out for things that happen this weekend that tell the story of your church … volunteers serving guests, kids having fun in your ministry, people worshiping during the service … if you keep your eyes open for it you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see! (Don’t forget you can make videos with that phone too!)
  • Infographics // Have some stats you’d like to share with your community? Infographics continue to be a compelling format for communicating dry data in a fun way. Let the images do the talking and don’t overload people with too many facts and figures. Tools:, Visually or Picktochart.
  • Hijack a Meme // We’ve all seen those fun images with witty text on them … why not hijack a popular one of those to promote something coming up at your church? They are quick to make and will draw smiles with your community! Tools: MemeMaker or QuickMeme. (While your at it … start your own meme with PicMonkey!)
  • Instagram // Engage your people in making visual content to share! Every Sunday we’ve been asking people to take pictures with Instagram and use the hashtag #LiquidChurch and then we post those images to our Facebook wall. People come with with some pretty amazing shots … it’s fun to see our volunteers and guests get into the content creation action!
  • SlideShare // You’re already making slides for your message this weekend … why not upload them to SlideShare and encourage your people to share them around. This is a fantastic way to reuse content that you’ve already made! Example.

Have you posted some great examples of visual content on your Social Networks? Leave links in the comments … we’d love to see!


  1. Thanks for posting this article! I love it! I also have a question. What would you use if you want to create digital banners/slides for quotes and Bible verses?

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