5 Ways to Promote Your Easter Services for $5

Easter is an amazing opportunity for your church. Two factors align to make it a great time to reach out to your community:

  1. People are more likely to invite their friends.
  2. Their friends are more likely to say yes!

As we approach Easter, we’re all looking for simple and easy-to-use tools that will help people invite their friends. The website Fiverr is a marketplace for creative and professional services — all for just $5. There are some items that are not worth trying, but if you dig around you will find some cool stuff. Here are five examples of promotional projects you can outsource through this site.

  • Send a Custom Song about Your Services // This provider will write and produce a 30-second song about whatever you desire. Just give him a few details and the style of music. In about a week, he’ll spit back a song. [Order one these songs now!] I used this provider to make a fun encouragement song for one our music guys … check it out here.
  • Make a Paper Truck Craft // Give this provider some information about your church services and your logo, and he’ll turn it into a fun craft that you can make! [You have to see it to understand fully what I’m talking about. Click here!] This could be the heart of an email that you send a week before Easter. Ask families to make the paper truck after dinner and talk about whom they can invite to join them. Click here to check out one that we had made for the “Easter Egg Hunt” outreach we’re doing this year.
  • Create 1-Inch Buttons // Although most of the items that are created on Fiverr are digital, if you look closely you will see some physical goods that you can have made. This provider will make those small collectible buttons with your graphic on them and mail them to you. I’m using these in a team huddle when we talk about Easter and then giving people buttons to remind them about the important day that’s coming up. [Check out some of the buttons we’ve made.] You could make buttons to give to your Guest Services team with a question mark on them, reminding them to ask people, “Who are you inviting to Easter?” Get creative!
  • Send a Postcard from Anywhere in the World! // Looking for a way to thank some volunteers who went above and beyond? Send them a postcard from anywhere in the world … really! Some potential ideas might be NYC, London, Paris, or even exotic Grand Rapids! Use your imagination to dream up a message from that location to grab attention. “We heard about the amazing stuff you’re doing at Community Church all the way here in Paris! Thanks for serving!” I once used a provider to send a postcard from the Vatican and had them pose as the Pope thanking someone … it was a huge hit and a big laugh!
  • Produce a Quick Promotional Video for Social Media // For just $5, you could get a provider to make a promotional video for use on Facebook or Instagram. Here’s an example of a kinetic text video that could look pretty cool! Or here’s a fun explanation video to tell people what to expect when they arrive at your Easter services. These videos follow a template format, so look closely at the instructions to make sure your video turns out how you want it to look.

I’d love to hear from you after you take advantage of Fiverr for this Easter! Leave some links in the comments and show off the work you had them do.

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  1. Hey Rich,

    We tried a couple of these Fiverr ideas…and made an Easter video in about 30 minutes using the theme song and logo animation you mentioned above. Check it out.

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