An Insider Look at a Fast Growing Mobile Multisite Campus with Beau Jensen

Thanks for joining in for another episode of the unSeminary podcast. This week we’re talking with Beau Jensen from LifePoint Church.

LifePoint Church is one of the fastest growing churches in the country with three campuses in Tennessee as well as microsites in other parts of the country. Beau is campus pastor of the North Clarksville campus. The church started with 80 people and now averages around 4000 each Sunday.

Beau is with us today to talk about what they’ve learned while operating mobile campuses at their church.

  • Be flexible. // The number one thing is to embrace flexibility because when you’re mobile, you will have to embrace the tension of what you’d like to do at your site and what the site owner needs to use the facility for. LifePoint’s North Clarksville location meets at a school and typically sets up on Friday nights. However if the school has an event that weekend, the church can’t set up until Sunday morning and so they have to roll with the school’s plans.
  • Build relationships. // When LifePoint is using the school facility, their main contacts are the school’s custodial staff. The church has gone out of their way to build relationships with these individuals, and makes sure to go over the top to bless them and include them when thanking the volunteers who make the church services possible. One way LifePoint does this is by inviting the custodians to join the set-up team for their monthly taco dinner. The church also allows the school to use their sound system for assemblies during the week, and in turn the school allows them to keep the equipment up whenever possible. This type of generosity has gone a long way in building relational equity and developing a mutually beneficial partnership.
  • Team huddles. // LifePoint has Dream Team Huddles where they help reinforce the church culture with their volunteers. During this time they review their seven core values: love God, love people, grow intentionally, pursue excellence, choose joy, develop leaders, and give generously. Beau will choose one of these values and relate it to their serving and encourage them from week to week.
  • Coaching the teams. // There are also coaches who lead all of the different Dream Teams. Volunteers go from one main huddle to individual team huddles, and the coaches reiterate the chosen core value that day and communicate to their Dream Team about how they can practically live it out. Remind your team that demonstrating those core values shouldn’t feel awkward to them, or it will feel awkward to the guests too.
  • Help Dream Teams grow with trainings. // To help volunteers take their next steps and grow spiritually, LifePoint uses Right Now Media which provides teachings and trainings for culture/vision, discipleship, stewardship and development. These are four areas in which the church wants to see their Dream Teams grow and the online trainings are helpful resources.

You can learn more about Life Point Church at and email Beau at [email protected].

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