Beyond Predictions: Increasing Generosity at Your Church Amidst Economic Fog

As we step into 2024, churches face a unique challenge amidst a mixed economic outlook. With predictions ranging from robust growth to stagnation, it’s crucial for church leaders to focus on effective revenue generation strategies. One key area that offers significant potential is the enhancement of offering talks.

Understanding the Economic Landscape

The economic forecasts for 2024 is foggy. Are you feeling like you can’t predict where things are going next year with the economy? Wondering how that will impact your church? People who do “economic forecasting” don’t have a consensus on where things are headed. Here some of the varied views I read recently in just one article:

Goldman Sachs // Expects robust growth in America at 2.1%, which is about double what other economists predict.
UBS // Foresees lower growth levels and predicts inflation falling by half in 2024.
Bank of America // Expects a scenario akin to stagflation, with only a modest reduction in inflation coupled with a significant drop in growth.
Morgan Stanley // Predicts a scenario where inflation returns to target without significant drops in growth.
Deutsche Bank/ Believes the economy is reverting to a 1970s-like situation, with central bankers battling persistent inflation.

Stop trying to predict where all that is going! We need to focus on what we can control rather than what we can’t.

Focus on Improving the Offering Talks of Your Church

The few minutes during every weekend where you talk about the offering at your church are pivotal. They’re not just a routine part of the service but an opportunity to connect with the congregation and encourage generosity. Here are some strategies to make these moments more impactful:

  1. Express Gratitude: Acknowledge the hard work of your congregation and their choice to support God’s work through your church. A simple thank you goes a long way in fostering a culture of appreciation and generosity.
  2. Reduce Pressure, Maintain Encouragement: It’s essential to welcome new visitors without pressuring them to give and encourage regular attendees and Christ followers to contribute as part of their faith journey.
  3. Careful Language: Language matters. Shift from a mindset of ‘collecting’ to ‘receiving’ offerings, emphasizing the voluntary and worshipful nature of giving.
  4. Report on Progress: Transparency builds trust. Share how the church utilizes funds, highlighting specific projects and their impacts. Visual storytelling, such as photographs or videos, can powerfully convey the difference the church is making.
  5. Show! Don’t Just Tell: Since many people are visual learners, incorporate images or videos to make your message more engaging and memorable.

In an uncertain economic climate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by factors beyond our control. However, focusing on areas like offering talks, where we can make a tangible difference, is crucial. These moments are not just about funding church operations; they are opportunities to deepen engagement, foster community, and reinforce the mission of the church.


As we face the challenges and opportunities of 2024, let’s embrace innovative and heartfelt approaches to stewardship and generosity. By enhancing our offering talks, we can inspire our congregations to invest not just financially, but spiritually and emotionally in the work of the church. Let’s step into this new year with faith, purpose, and the commitment to make every aspect of our church services, including offering talks, resonate with our mission and vision.

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Rich Birch
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