Does worship music need to be whiny soft rock?

I'm afraid I'm not uncomfortable enough with worship music. I don't want to fumble the pass of the church to the next generation. In my early ministry years I was a part of a church in the midst of a "worship war".  One side was fired up because they believed that...

10 Part Recipe for a Church Database People Would Actually Use

Quality management of the information about the people that attend your church is mission critical.  Loss data on someone is a loss relationship.  Mismanagement in this area ends up damaging trust with your people.  One of the ways we serve our people is by handling their information with great care. I'm...
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Not failure just feedback

Negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. As long as he hates me I make a difference. - Hugh Prather Does your ministry regularly seek out feedback from the people it's serving?  How are you looking for ways to learn from your...

Facebook Best Practices for Churches

How does your church leverage Facebook? Are you creating compelling social content that is drawing in your community and propelling your mission forward? Facebook represents a massive missional opportunity for your church ... did you know that: 1.5 million local businesses use Facebook to reach their customers? people spend 1...
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Stop Learning. Start Applying.

What if we took a week where we deliberately stop learning and just applied what we already knew?   Rather than searching for that perfect strategy or idea we actually took to put into action the information we already had contained within us? Instead of reading another blog post about...
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