Corrin Bauer on Social Media Best Practices for Churches


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corrin_smallCorrin Bauer is the social media guru behind everything at Mars Hill Church. Today’s episode is packed full of practical insights on leveraging social media channels for ministry outcomes. Corrin manages social media channels that currently reach over 500,000 people daily and in this interview she gives you a behind scenes look at how she generates content that engages! Don’t miss this episode!

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Interview Highlights

01:40 // History about a church birthed in the most unchurched part of the country.

05:10 // Volunteer blogger gets recruited as a social media expert.

07:04 // Corrin’s answers why social media is so important in the church.

09:25 // Next steps in church social media after getting a Facebook page.

10:14 // Crash course in Social Media for Churches. Post content you already have. Practical ideas of where to start.

12:15 // Corrin’s goal is to be genuine with followers in social media, and to make Jesus’ name famous.

14:50 // Plan or systemize the content you share between weekend services.

16:55 // Create a rabbit trail of posts and lead to larger pieces of content.

17:35 // Corrin explains how often she posts and through what channels.

18:55 // Using graphics in social media. Making the most of #throwbackthursday.

22:14 // Balancing humor with caring for others in social media.

Lightning Round Highlights

Helpful Online Resource // Evernote, Google Docs, HootSuite

Books That are Having an Impact // Social Media Guide for Ministry by Nils Smith.

Inspiring Leader // Life Church, Saddleback, Rick Warren

What does he do for fun? // Eat weird food with her husband!

Check This Out // 5 Reasons It’s More Important for Pastors to Use Social Media Than Churches


Mars Hill Church Social Media Guide [download PDF]
Corrin graciously provided us with a copy of this 30 page training document that she uses with her team at Mars Hill Church. It digs into the real nitty gritty of managing social media in the church!



    1. Right? Corrin is amazing. Did you see the free download she provided. It’s an amazing resource … so great to see the inside of what they do.

      Thanks for leaving the comment John!

      – rich

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