Christa Hesselink challenges us to think differently about missions.


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christa_squareToday’s episode offers an insightful and fresh look into how your church can partner with other ministries around the world to make a different. Christa is one of the sharpest leaders I know on the area of global compassion and offers up a gracious challenge for us to think different about the role of “missions” in our local church. Recently Christa was named as one of the most influential Christian leaders in Canada and my hope is more people get exposure to her here in this country. You church needs to be working globally and this episode provides some great direction for you to consider when framing this experience for your people.

Production Note: I had some problems with my audio in this episode … so sorry! Christa sounds great … which is really what matters most.

Christa Hesselink // [Website]  [twitter]

Interview Highlights

01:18 // Christa gives a history of The Meeting House (TMH)

02:00 // Rich talks about TMH as in the top 1% of multi-site churches

02:55 // Christa’s explains some of the compassion work at TMH

04:00 // Mission Goals: raise funds and build meaningful relationships with partners in Southern Africa

04:39 // TMH seeks to establish relationships that are mutually transformative

06:20 // Three ways TMH seek to establish relationship with people in the ‘Global South’

07:20 // TMH partners with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and World Vision

08:45 // The ‘Discernment Process’

10:45 // Over 1800 children have been sponsored in Malawi

11:20 // Rich reflects on the Discernment Process’ from his point of view when on staff at TMH

14:03 // “If we are really serious about repositioning the church and mission we need to understand that we are not experts…” – Christa

14:30 // Christa explains ‘Learning Teams’

17:08 // Christa explains ‘Exchange’ …the reverse of “Learning Teams’

19:54 // Through ‘Exchange’ TMH learned they needed to give space for visiting leaders to share prophetically and words of affirmation

23:11 // Trying to schedule more breathing space during ‘Exchange’ that includes more of the TMH community

24:35 // Live Simply, Give Generously

Lightning Round Highlights

Helpful Tech Tools // Christa went paperless with Evernote and Producteev

Book Worth Reading // Icarus Deception by Seth Godin

Inspiring Ministries // Eastlake Church

Inspiring Leader // Donald Miller

What does he do for fun? // Hiking, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends

Did you see this? // Onion News Network has a way of using humor to get at truth. Like this article: 6-Day Visit To Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman’s Facebook Profile Picture {Ouch}

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