Facebook Best Practices for Churches

How does your church leverage Facebook? Are you creating compelling social content that is drawing in your community and propelling your mission forward? Facebook represents a massive missional opportunity for your church … did you know that:

  • 1.5 million local businesses use Facebook to reach their customers?
  • people spend 1 billion hours combined time on facebook – each day?
  • every day people “share” 1 billion pieces of content?
  • 30% of America women check Facebook before they get out of bed – every morning?

I want your Facebook presence to thrive so I sat down with three industry leading churches and talked with the people directly responsible for managing their Facebook presence. My goal was to learn from the “best practices” that all of our churches could apply to our work on Facebook. Collectively these ministries have nearly 70,000 “fans” that they connect with every day. You’ll gain some valuable insights from:

Corrin Bauer // Mars Hill Church
Ian Philpot // Willow Creek Community Church
Ethan Hoinacki // Granger Community

In this resource you’ll gain access to three interviews that I’ve just recently finished up where these church leaders talk about how they manage a growing and active online community.

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Bonus: In this resources I’m also including the Social Media Team Guidelines from Liquid Church & Granger Community!  The tools will let you look up under the hood and see how some other churches manage all the details of an effective Facebook ministry.

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