Who wants some free church communications coaching?

Does your bulletin look like the classifieds of a local newspaper?

Is the announcement time during your service long and boring?

Are you responsible for communications at your church but you feel more like a traffic cop than a communications expert?

Today I’m pleased to announce the first in an series of coaching resources aimed to help solve real world issues for church leaders.  The first resource is targeted at helping churches get a handle on some commonly asked questions around communications and marketing.  Listen in as I work with a real church and provide some initial help and direction as they seek to get the right messages to the right people at the right time.  In this resource we cover:

  • The role of bulletin as a communication tool for modern churches.
  • How social media fits into an overall communications strategy.
  • What the three majors segments are that each of your ministry’s need to aim their communication at.
  • Suggestions on how to work with ministry leaders who are feeling like their area isn’t getting covered enough.
  • … and a bunch more!

Thanks for the fantastic communications advice you gave! What a coach! – Susan, Church Communications Leader

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