From Eye Rolls to Engagement: Boosting the Effectiveness of Your Church’s Announcements

This episode tackles a critical yet often overlooked aspect of church services: announcements. Far from being mere placeholders, announcements have the potential to drive engagement within your church significantly.

We start with a relatable discussion on why church announcements typically induce eye rolls rather than enthusiasm. Recognizing this issue is the first step towards transformation.

Learn about this potentially game-changing approach that focuses on reducing the number of announcements while enhancing their quality and relevance. This strategy is all about making announcements a pivotal part of church engagement.

Five-Step Process for Focusing Your Announcements Time

  • Plan with Purpose // Select a strategic three-month period to focus your announcement efforts.
  • Engage Stakeholders // Bring together departmental leads to align on announcement priorities.
  • Optimize Messaging // Use a collaborative session to decide on one or two key messages for each week.
  • Create a Calendar // Develop and refine an announcement calendar based on stakeholder input.
  • Implement and Evaluate // Firm up plans and adjust based on feedback, setting the stage for continuous improvement.

The episode emphasizes the goal of moving congregants from passive listeners to active participants, highlighting the crucial role announcements play in this transition.

Listeners will gain practical strategies to make their church’s announcements more impactful, turning a traditionally dull moment into an opportunity for meaningful connection and action.

Transforming your church’s announcements from eye rolls to engagement is not just about changing the content but about changing the approach. It’s a shift towards strategic, intentional communication that resonates and motivates.

Tune in to learn how to elevate your church’s announcements from mere information sharing to a dynamic engagement tool. Discover the power of intentional announcements and see how they can help foster a more vibrant, involved church community. Let’s embark on this journey together, from eye rolls to engagement, one announcement at a time.


  1. Hi Rich:

    I was wondering if you by chance have conducted workshops for church staff who serve as hosts on Sunday mornings. If so, do you have an agenda you could share of what types of information you covered, as well as some actual exercises we could engage in? We are hoping to schedule the workshop for later this month or in May and make it a 1.5 or 2-hour workshop. I have some items already, but I am hoping you can really help add some meat to the agenda. Thank you for all the information you share! It is most helpful!

    Alice Alesia
    Director of Communications
    Warsaw Community Church, Warsaw, Ind.

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