Are you in a portable church? I need your help!

Over the last couple years as I’ve been looking to help people through the KillerChurch blog I’ve talked a bunch of times about the whole mobile ministry phenomena.  There are thousands of churches around the world that every week invade a public space and redeem it for the gospel of Jesus.  I love it . . . taking church to the people!  Some of the posts that have seemed to resonate on this front are:

Then earlier this spring I developed a free information pack for portable churches to help with some of the practical stuff. You get this free resource by simply subscribing to my weekly email update.  [Click here to sign up for the emails and free stuff!]

Mobile Church Leadership Pack
a short cut to a better portable church experience.

6 Weeks of “Done For You” Training Emails // Just do a bit of modification and send these out to your team on the Thursday before the weekend . . . a great way to train, motivate and equip your team!

3 “Surprise & Delight” Ideas // Looking for a way to thank your team? Do one of these simple and low cost events every month . . . your team will be bragging about how great it is to serve with you!

5 Essential Forms & Docs // These documents and forms are the core essential parts of the system for managing a portable church.

Are you a portable church leader?  I need your help!

But now I’m looking for help from church leaders who lead in mobile ministries.  I’m working on a future resource for church leaders in portable churches.  I’m looking for leaders who are lead in these types of churches to answer a 3 question survey to help me in my research.  Can you forward this blog post to every portable church leader you know and ask them to participate?  It would help big time in my research!

[Click here to answer the 3 Question Survey about Mobile Ministries.]

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