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Welcome to this week’s unSeminary podcast. This week we’re sitting down with Regi Campbell, founder of Radical Mentoring, an organization that equips and engages men and their churches to raise up the next generation of all-in-Jesus-followers and leaders.  Grab a seat and a cuppa while we talk about providing men with a challenge, mentoring men in today’s churches, the ins and outs of the Radical Mentoring program…and, oh yeah, Regi’s almost-stint with the Marshall Tucker Band.

  • The ingredients of a great mentoring relationship // Regi believes that most men want to be challenged, and challenging them to raise their level of commitment is one way to do that. When men agree to be part of Radical Mentoring, they’re signing a covenant to a high bar of commitment not only during their time as a mentee but also in the years ahead as they pay it forward.
  • The impact of Radical Mentoring // Northpoint Community Church, Regi’s home church, embraced the program four years ago. Although Northpoint is a massive church with massive numbers in services and in small groups, he observed “the muddled middle”—the guys who believe in Jesus and attend church but don’t experience fruitfulness, peace, or community. Because it requires a high level of commitment, Radical Mentoring fosters a safe environment for men to be themselves. As a result it quickly raises the level of intimacy, trust, and community, bringing men’s spiritual walks to a higher level.
  • Jesus as the model mentor // We hear so much about one-on-one mentoring that we forget to look at the example Christ set for us. Regi points out how Jesus mentored in a group setting, not in a one-on-one setting—and he also points out how the disciples didn’t choose Jesus, but He chose them. Radical Mentoring takes its best and brightest older, mature men and engages them in mentoring a group of younger next-generation leaders. You apply to be a part of the program and then the church leaders pray over the applicants to ensure mentees are connected with the right older, wise mentor. So the mentor chooses the mentee rather than it being the other way around.
  • From soup to nuts// There are five elements of Radical Mentoring, starting with a launch night where the calendar is set for the entire year. Next the mentor tells his whole story. The following month there is an overnight retreat where the guys will tell their stories. From there, depending on whether the commitment is 9 months or a year, there is a monthly 3-hour meeting. Each month the group members read a carefully selected book on a key topic, write a one-page reflection on what God is speaking to you about the book, and memorize some scripture. There is also community building through one-on-ones throughout the year, relational assignments, and prayer. The mentoring experience wraps up with a commencement retreat where mentees develop a personal ministry plan identifying their next steps.
  • The impact of the experience // From the engagement of the more mature men of the church to the personal growth of the next generation, through the Radical Mentoring program churches have seen the men in their church energized and committed to their faith in a new way. For both older and younger guys, we all want to be known in a community of believers and we all want to be needed rather than being a disposable commodity.
  • For the church // The Radical Mentoring program should function as an extension of what your church is already doing. There are donors and churches who have used the program and seen fruit and are now paying it forward by donating to Radical Mentoring and enabling them to make all of their resources free.

Go on over to https://radicalmentoring.com/unseminary to create an account and find everything you need to learn more about this organization and how you can start using it in your own church—it’s free!

You can also learn more about mentoring in Regi’s book Mentor Like Jesus – all proceeds go toward supporting the Radical Mentoring program.

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