Young leaders . . . you have permission but you need persistence!

I’m not an old and wise leader . . . but I have been around the block a few times.  This week I’m commenting on three issues that I’ve seen crop up with young leaders all the time.  I’ve already paid the stupid tax on these issues . . . I hope you don’t have to.

It’s early in your leadership career.  You’ve been trusted with a project or department or if you’re super luck an entire big-hairy-audacious-goal.  Your supervisor has brought you in and outlined what needs to be done.  They hopefully have given you a sense of the resources you can commit to get it there.  The timeline is clear.

You have been given permission to push forward on the project … the question is whether you will have the persistence to see it through.

Once your supervisor hands you the ball . . . your job is to run with it.  To take the task through to completion.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen young leaders loop around continuing to look for more permission.

You’re leader has given you a level of responsibility . . . and is waiting to see what you do with it.  If you push through with persistence and get the job done . . . more responsibility will be passed your way.  If you don’t . . . it won’t.

After permission comes persistence. You want goals that are going to take daily (hourly?) pushing on to get done.  That means they are significant to the organization.

Bonus: Finish with flare.  Push it beyond what your supervisor was looking for.  Do an extra round of evaluation.  Pull together a report to celebrate the great work your team did.  Bring your boss in to see the good work in action. Look for that extra 10% that pushes it over the top.

Are there goals that were given to you in 2011 that require more persistence in 2012?  How can you push through to completion even in these final days of this year?

On Wednesday we’re going to talk about how to overcome missed goals and expectations in a way that builds trust . . . rather than erodes it.

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  1. Good feedback. Should add that to the orientation process/checklist. 🙂 maybe even make it a screensaver. Good reminder!

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