3 (more) Reasons I’m Proud of My Church!

Liquid Church just turned 5 years old.  It was Easter 2007 when a group of about 300 people set out to launch a church for people who aren’t into church in the heart of New Jersey.  It’s been quiet the ride!  This past Easter we had over 3,000 people join us for an amazing celebration of God’s grace come to earth in Jesus!  For our 5th birthday I love (LOVE!) what our people did. . . rather than looking for gifts to mark this milestone we got out of our seats and onto the streets to serve the communities we love!

I love the people of Liquid Church.  Always attempting to live an others centric life style. Check out what happened:

On June 2nd, 175 volunteers from our newest campus, Liquid Nutley, did a wide variety of projects including refurbishing the American Red Cross food bank facility, installation of new landscaping at the Nutley Elementary, Middle & High Schools as well as helping several families in need identified by the Nutley Services Bureau with home improvement projects. Check out the highlighlight video:

On Saturday, May 26th, over 375 volunteers renovated the NJ AIDS Services’ “Eric Johnson House,” which has served over 5,000 men and women with HIV/AIDS to date.  Project work included: re-carpeting; installation of new kitchen appliances, lighting and fixtures, bedroom furniture; re-upholstering living area furniture; applying fresh paint and hauling away a basement and a garage full of junk. Watch the video:

On June 1-2, we hosted an extreme makeover during a 24-hour marathon at New Brunswick at Elijah’s Promise Soup Kitchen, which serves over 100,000 meals a year.  Over 200 volunteers signed-up to build kitchen shelving and organization, install new lighting and fixtures, replace bathroom fixtures, purchase and install cafe furniture and repaint the facility.  We also hosted a BBQ so that Elijah’s Promise could continue to serve clients while under construction. I loved the magic that took place that this location . . . check it out:

Yes, I’m bragging.  Our people are amazing.  They have huge hearts.  I’m so proud to be associated with Liquid Church.  I love calling this place home.  We stumbled at a lot of stuff . . . but I feel like we did this one right. This cost us over $60k in real money and thousands of volunteers hours to pull off.  But it was the right thing to do.  Honored to call Liquid Church my home.

[I’d love to hear about the community service projects your church is involved in!]

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