Revitalizing Invitation: Strategies for Engaging Your Church Community

Today’s episode is unique and particularly close to our hearts as we address a question from one of our listeners, Drew Williams, head pastor at New Life Lutheran Church. This direct engagement with our audience not only reinforces our community’s interconnectedness but also grounds our discussion in real-world church leadership scenarios.

Drew’s church, nestled in the rural landscapes of northwestern Illinois, has witnessed substantial growth, expanding from 200 to nearly 300 members in just a year and a half. This growth, while commendable, has surfaced challenges in nurturing an inviting culture, particularly among long-standing members. Drew’s concern echoes a common sentiment in many churches: How do we encourage our congregation, regardless of their tenure, to actively invite and engage new people?

Storytelling: The Heart of Engagement Storytelling is a powerful tool in any church leader’s arsenal. By sharing stories of members who have successfully invited others, we can create a ripple effect of inspiration throughout the congregation. These stories, whether shared during sermons or as part of the church announcements, can ignite a passion for invitation and demonstrate the tangible impact of such actions.

Focused Teaching: The Leader’s Role As church leaders, our words and teachings hold significant weight. Regularly integrating the theme of invitation into our messages can reinforce its importance. It’s about more than occasional mentions; it’s about making invitation a consistent part of our teaching, helping the congregation see it as a natural and essential aspect of their faith journey.

Magnetic Community Service: Beyond the Church Walls Engaging in community service provides an excellent avenue for members to invite others. Activities that serve the community are not only fulfilling but also present less intimidating opportunities for newcomers to experience the church community. These acts of service act as a bridge, connecting the church to the broader community in meaningful and impactful ways.

Conclusion: A Journey Towards Growth

In summarizing these strategies, it’s clear that revitalizing our church’s invite culture is a multifaceted endeavor requiring persistence, creativity, and commitment. The journey is ongoing and evolves as our church grows.

As we draw this episode to a close, we extend an invitation of our own. Our upcoming book, “Unlocking Your Church’s Invite Culture,” delves deeper into these strategies and more, offering a comprehensive guide to cultivating a vibrant inviting environment in your church. For more details and to be the first to get your hands on this resource, visit

Thank you for joining us in this exploration of church growth and community engagement. Your dedication to expanding your church’s reach and impact is not just commendable; it’s essential to the spread of our faith. We’re excited to see how these strategies come to life in your communities and look forward to hearing your stories of growth and engagement.

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