Something is Broken: A Conversation About What Christian Leaders Should Stop Saying about Sexual Abusers with Tanya Marlow

This is a special edition of the unSeminary podcast.

Many church leaders don’t know what to say when it comes to the revelations around disgraced Christian leader, Ravi Zacharias.

Earlier this week I bumped into Tayna Marlow’s article on this topic entitled “But his books are still good, right? – 5 things Christians must stop saying about sexual abusers” and your team would be well served to read the article to discuss what needs to change in your ministry.

The opening of Tanya’s article sets that pace for the conversation:

Pop quiz:

If you have just found out that a famous Christian leader has been systematically sexually and spiritually abusing women throughout his entire ministry, should you be defending:

a) The sexual predator, or
b) His books?

The answer, of course, is only this: the women. Nothing else.

She was gracious enough to jump on the mic and discuss a little bit of the article. My hope is that you will go on to read the rest of it.

ALSO: Pick up a copy of Tanya’s book to support her: “Those Who Wait: Finding God in Disappointment, Doubt and Delay

Thank you, Tanya, for your willingness to help us lead.

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  1. Now that the sordid truth is out I will not recommend anything he wrote or video presentation he made. God doesn’t need Ravi. Hope the organization he founded can make an effort to help those he abused, but with what resource stream. If I worked at RZIM I would be in prayer and conversation with others about what to do. The true things Ravi said or wrote are still true, but he is no longer the appropriate vehicle for them. I don’t even know if the moving stories Ravi told were just.made up. Well God will judge him better than I can, but he is totally disqualified as a Christian Apologist

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