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If Jesus Gave a TED Talk? Neuroscience Communication Principles The Master Teacher Used To Persuade His Audience with Charles Stone

Thanks for joining in for the unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Charles Stone, lead pastor at West Park Church in Ontario, Canada. He also is an author and provides training for pastors. 75% of people forget most of what they've heard from a talk within an hour. 90% forget what...

5 Things You Say That Annoy Your Executive Pastor

Executive pastors live at the intersection of vision and execution. They spend their days trying to balance the immense call that God has put on the church and the limited resources your church has for making that vision a reality. This tension creates an incredible amount of stress for executive...

The Reason Your Church Marketing Isn’t Working

Are you wondering why those Facebook ads that you've been running for the last few months don't seem to be translating into people connecting, neither in person nor online? Have you tried multiple flyer drops in your neighborhood and you're desperately hoping that maybe one person would show up, but...

5 Reasons Why Some Churches Won’t Recover

If you've been paying attention to our world over the last few months, you’ve no doubt seen some dramatic economic news.  You've probably seen things that made you wonder about the future of your church. You may be worried about what might come next.  We’ve seen the initial impact that...
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