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Helping Teams Leverage, Not Loathe, Personality Differences with Eddie Hastings

Welcome back to this week’s unSeminary podcast. We’re talking with Eddie Hastings, Executive Pastor of Ministries at Chets Creek Church in Florida. Eddie is talking with us about using personality tests to better build and communicate with your staff teams. Know and trust each other. // When a church grows,...

5 Things You Say That Annoy Your Executive Pastor

Executive pastors live at the intersection of vision and execution. They spend their days trying to balance the immense call that God has put on the church and the limited resources your church has for making that vision a reality. This tension creates an incredible amount of stress for executive...

The Reason Your Church Marketing Isn’t Working

Are you wondering why those Facebook ads that you've been running for the last few months don't seem to be translating into people connecting, neither in person nor online? Have you tried multiple flyer drops in your neighborhood and you're desperately hoping that maybe one person would show up, but...
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