Your Church & COVID-19

Continuing Intentional Community in a Socially Distant World

[vimeo 401635984 w=640 h=480] A mentorship relationship starts with purpose and intentional relationship. Kevin stated that, “More time with fewer people is greater kingdom impact.”  At Radical Mentorship, their mentorship groups are high commitment, as they call their participants to application and high standards. Radical Mentoring’s groups meet once a...
Your Church & COVID-19

Leading through Volatility and Uncertainty

[vimeo 400559035 w=640 h=360] How do we lead well during this time of volatility and uncertainty?  Rick pointed to the acronym “VUCA” as one way of understanding our current context: Volatility // This element has to do with the instability of the unexpected. For us today, this includes the shifting...
Your Church & COVID-19

3 Types of Data Pastors Need for Crisis Response

Webinar Notes & Quotes “Churches are about the business of personal growth, whether that’s helping people grow spiritually, or grow in their marriages, their relationships, their finances, their recovery, their career, whatever that might be.” -Brad Hill “Today is about taking capabilities that we’ve really worked hard to build and then...
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