Talking with Your Lender: Mark Briggs Offers Insider Advice for Growing Churches

Welcome to the unSeminary podcast. Today we’re talking with Mark Briggs, the Executive Vice President of Ministry Lending at CDF Capital. CDF Capital is dedicated to helping churches solve problems and bridge the financial gap often faced when trying to expand and reach more people. Mark has been with CDF for...

5 Leadership Hedges Against Inflation for Your Church

Just when you thought the word “unprecedented” couldn’t possibly be used any more, we continue to climb into levels of inflation that haven't been seen in over four decades. In fact, the last time we saw inflation this high, the world was a completely different place. Bread had soared to...

5 Church Budget Items to Rethink for Fall 2020

As we look to the coming months, a tremendous amount of uncertainty still remains.  Many church leaders across the country are facing huge pressures from COVID-19 and the ensuing economic crisis.  Budgetary pressures are leading us to rethink many aspects of the way our churches invest their resources. We find...
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