The Unthanked.

thank youThe paradox is real.  There is a group of people who are vitally important to the weekly operation of your ministry but often are over looked when it comes to thanking.  I think if we all took 5 minutes this week and reached out this group of people to simply say “thank you” for their important contribution we’d see a shift in the ministry almost overnight.

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?”” – William Arthur Ward

When was the last time you took time out to thank the spouses of the people on your team?

If you’re a portable church . . . have you ever sent a note to the wife of that guy that shows up first thing – week after week?

If you have a new drummer coming on your team . . . when was the last time you grabbed her husband in the foyer just to say “thanks” for support her learning all the new stuff to be in the band?

If you have some staff on your team that are married . . . what can you do today to make them know that their support of their spouse is noticed?

I know in my family . . . my wife’s voice sounds strangely like the voice of God.  ( . . . when she speaks . . . I listen . . . her opinion on my work counts . . . ) My leadership changes when she supports my work.  Her support makes me better at what I do.  The church is benefiting from that.

Whadda think?  Is it a “thank you overkill” to start expressing thanks to the spouses and significant others of your team?  Drop some comments now!

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