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5 Reasons It’s More Important for Pastors to Use Social Media Than Churches

When I first encountered Facebook it was when I was at a speaking event on a University campus that had access to up-start social network trying to take on MySpace. The student leaders we met with for lunch we’re talking about this amazing new tool for connecting with each other. It seemed like a fun “on campus trend” but never did I imagine the impact it would have on the ministry world.  How could a tool that made it easier for a group of students figure out which pub they were heading to impact our church?

My conviction is that pastors as individuals need to be on social media.  It’s more important that church leaders leverage these tools for ministry than churches use them as organizations. As a church leader are you using these tools as an extension of your ministry or are you still stuck on the outside of this trend wondering if it really can have any impact on your ministry? You need to jump in and get connected! Here a few reasons why it’s important for you to use these tool personally …
  • peoplefollowpeopleDistant from Your People // If you are silent on social media you will increasingly be seen as aloof and disconnected as you refuse to be transparent to your community. Imagine a preacher who never told any stories about themselves? People will see you in the same light if you don’t use these tools. 
  • Personal Medium // 87 of the top 100 accounts on Twitter are for people not brands or organizations. [link] These tools are designed to make personal connection with people. As a church you can leverage them … but they are meant for people to connect with individuals.
  • Content Curation // Your people are out in the internet finding content of spiritual significance. Using social media to point to other sources of uplifting content is a part of your role. Equipping your people to follow Jesus can’t be outsourced to someone else … it’s a critical part of being a pastor. When you are silent on social media you are missing an vital opportunity to build up your community.
  • Insight Into People // Church leaders live in a bubble … often everyone we know is a part of the church. If we don’t work intentionally at it we will become isolated from the world we are attempting to reach. Engaging in social media gives you insight into the lives of people around you. Listen and watch what people are talking about it … it will give you insights to be a better leader.
  • Don’t Be Left Behind // Social media is moving beyond a fun tool for people to connect with friends to a critical communications channel. Not personally using social media is like refusing to have an email address or deciding that cel phones are too modern of a technology … you will become increasingly left behind by culture. You will lose influence. It’s not about being cool … it’s about connecting.


  1. I agree with you but you have to be human and mention life craziness that happens too. Mention burning the pancakes and feeding them to the dog. Do just spout who glorious God is and things that demonstrate all you see is God, read is God and talk is God. Say things like,’what about them Cardinals’ (I am talking baseball btw). I do think us who have a pastor that we can share his pancake ordeals will be the guy who makes potential re-connectors to God/church more willing to peek in the door and stay for a while.

    1. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!

      Who are some pastors you see who do a great job of this?

      – Rich

    2. Agreed, Anita! I personally get tired of FB friends who only post how glorious everything is quoting scriptures and such. If you are going to share your life, share it! It doesn’t mean you have to tweet or post every gory detail!

  2. Rich,

    I’m glad you keep older post on your Twitter rotation. I just read through this today. This was a hot topic at the first Social Ecclesia conference that was just held in Chattanooga. I’m hoping more and more pastors get on board with this philosophy.

    I wold encourage anyone in ministry to keep up with the conferences as they do a great job equipping pastors to be able to relate with our sounding weird on Social Media.

    Thanks & God bless,

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