What if your church acted more like a Christian Camp?

What if your church acted more like . . . 

This week we’re looking at some other parts of the community of Christ and asked what if your church was more like them! Join the conversation . . . I’d love you to leave some comments below.

Every summer over 6,500,000 kids and teens attend Christian Camps in North America. [1]  This is a thriving part of the Christian community in our country.  From my experience Christian Camps reach a segment of people that typically churches don’t have a chance at reaching . . . with anywhere between 40% – 80% of the people attending who don’t normally attend church.

What if your church acted more like a Christian Camp?

Camping has had a significant personal impact on myself.  [Props to Mini-Yo-We!]  As a young leader, I was trusted with more responsibility as a 17 year old than I’ve seen leaders twice that age trusted with.  As a parent, I’ve seen the impact Camping has had on my kids . . . unmatched by anything else in their life.  But beyond my personal experience . . . the impact is far and wide. Here are a few unique features of Christian Camping that I wonder if our churches need to emulate:

Have you been involved in a Christian Camp before?  [I’d love to hear what you think churches can learn from Camps!]


  1. Great thoughts Rich. I resonated with the fun and great communication. There are a few things the church can learn from para-church groups that minister to people.

  2. From my experience there was often an intensely positive experience of community at a residential camp that I struggled to find in faith communities afterwards. Not sure I can put my finger on it, other than to add this as a comment…

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