What if your church acted more like a Short Term Mission?

What if your church acted more like . . . 

This week we’re looking at some other parts of the community of Christ and asked what if your church was more like them! Join the conversation . . . I’d love you to leave some comments below.

I’m a convert to short term missions as a part of a local church’s discipleship strategy.  For the longest time I was in the “short term trips are a waste of kingdom resources” camp.  If you are looking for a more detailed on conversation of this issue take a look around the blogosphere.  [at stuff like this] [or this]

What if your church tried to live out some of the core values of short terms all the time?

Some the aspects of short term missions that I’m wondering about are:

  • Global Focus // Our people live in a global world.  They participate in global teams at work.  Our kids interact with people around the world.  The local church needs to have a global out look.
  • Just here to serve. // Short Term Missions experiences show people a better way to live . . . and upside down service oriented way to approach the world.  What if we gave our people more opportunities to see this value in action in our communities?
  • Trans-National // Related to the global focus . . . but Short Term Missions experiences help people see that they are more citizens of world wide body of Christ than they are citizens of any nation.  How can help people see that reality when they are in their home country?
  • Residential // Traveling together bonds people.  There is something about when you brush your teeth together that makes you friends for a long time.  Is there a way to get at least your key leaders into some residential experiences for a short period of time?
  • Adventure // When was the last time you took your people on an adventure?  How you move people out of their comfort zone and into a place where they have to depend on God?

What has your short term experience been like?  I’d love to hear what aspects of your short term missions experiences you’d love to see churches emulate.  [Join the conversation and leave a comment.]


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  1. I’ve actually been thinking thoughts like this as our kids left for Mexico for the umpteenth time. It has always done far more for them than for their target in Mexico. I’ve read “When Helping Hurts” and especially the chapter on short-term missions.

    I’d really like to hear more and get into a dialogue about what your discovering.

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