Tension: Tech vs. Touch

Tension: 1) The act or process of stretching something tight. 2) The interplay of conflicting elements. Tech: Video screens, websites, email, social media, kids check in systems, lighting, sound reinforcement, podcasts, web streams, efficient systems, evites, invites, devices . . . everywhere we look the modern church is permeated with...

Benchmarking: Kids Small Group Leaders

So we've been talking this week about who your team looks at when they think about who they want to be like.  Which organizations are you benchmarking your church agianst?  Rather than comparing against "Acrossthetown Baptist Church" or the latest McChurch trend why not find more creative organizations to point...

Benchmarking: Guest Experience

Yesterday we started a conversation about benchmarking.  The organizations you are learning from and focusing on set the pace for your team.  What if we stopped looking at what the church down the street (or across the country for that matter) and attempted to find other "benchmarks" for our leadership...


When you and your team think about who they are attempting to become like who are they measuring themselves against? Which organizations is your team learning from?  Who are they attempting to emulate? If you are in leadership in a local church you have a benchmarking issue.  We have chosen...

kill? execution? local church?

Hey!  The first words of a blog should probably grab your attention - right?  Wow - the pressure.  How am I doing so far?  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Rich Birch and I work in the wild world of church stuff.  This post is suppose to give you...
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