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It’s FREE STUFF week on the Killer  Church blog!  My goal is that this blog is always a place to get great help  and inspiration to help your church reach more people faster.   This week I’m bringing you some free resources that you can plug into your ministry today!

The Next “7 Habits” Book by Tim Sanders? // EBook

About two weeks ago I got an advance copy of Tim Sander’s (from “Love of the Killer App” & Yahoo! Fame) new book “Today We are Rich!”.  I’m loving what I’m reading.  The core of the content are seven principles that are woven together with some great stories from Tim’s Grandmother and his own personal life.  You should buy the book and consider it for a round of staff training events at your church this summer! [Amazon] [B&N] [800CEOREAD]
You’ll learn how to:

  • Feed Your Mind Good Stuff
  • Move The Conversation Forward
  • Exercise Your Gratitude Muscle
  • Give To Be Rich
  • Prepare Your Self
  • Balance Your Confidence
  • Promise Made, Promise Kept

[Download the FREE Excerpt!]

Need to Encourage Some Initiative in Your Team? // Workbook

Two weeks ago (yesterday) I sent our staff team a simple proposition.  I would personally buy them a copy of Seth Godin’s new book – Poke The Box – if they would commit to read it and come over to our place and discuss it at the end of April.  A free book … a free meal … all in exchange for discussion about taking initiative.   Seth’s new book is about “starting” . . . it’s a follow up to Lynchpin.  Our team at Liquid is filled with “take the hill” kind of leaders . . . it’s not that I think we are adverse to “the new” or “the start” . . . I just want to keep us focused on the future.  (BTW – I had 50% of our staff team take me up on it!!)

What got us to where we are today . . . won’t get us to where we need to go.  Keeping leaders focused on that is your job.

I’m using this “Poke the Box” project and the discussion guide below to keep this conversation fresh with our people!

[Download the Workbook Now!]

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