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It’s FREE STUFF week on the Killer  Church blog!  My goal is that this blog is always a place to get great help  and inspiration to help your church reach more people faster.   This week I’m bringing you some free resources that you can plug into your ministry today!

Becoming a Volunteer Centered Church // EBook

This 90 page ebook offers some great insights into transforming your church into a volunteer paradise!  I found it challenging, insightful and practical.  Worth the read!
You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the true role of ministry leadership
  • Identify and share your purpose and vision
  • Meet people where they are while achieving team goals
  • Add a structured approach to your team
  • Train new team members
  • Balance the dynamics of church ministry
  • Recruit volunteers effectively

[Click here to download this ebook – free!]

Volunteer Recognition // Online Presentation

Saying thank you is as important (if not more so!) than the ask!  This online presentation gives you a pile of great ideas for showing your appreciation for your volunteers!

Take 15 minutes to go through the presentation . . . and then 15 minutes to implement an idea or two and I guarantee the volunteer culture at your church will be changed this spring!

[Click here to view the presentation.]


Come back Wednesday for two free that I am using in some development efforts with my team!


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